Liberty Hotels Lykia is an absolute dream for water lovers with an abundant variety of pool types,

If you want, you can swim in the aged 16 and over Sarpedon pool, Turkey’s first infinity pool where you experience the illusion of making an overarm stroke in the sea. If you want to enjoy sunbathing, there is our Pamukkale pool. If you want you to have lots of excitement with pool games and activities at the main Liberty pool. If you want, you can have fun with your children and become a child again at the Kid’s Paradise Park with it’s many pools, water park and water slides pools.  Do not forget or neglect to enter the cave pool or the many other pools at least once during your stay.


A wonderful way to begin the morning is for you to take a leisurely walk along our widely used 650 m wooden walkway as you breathe in the fragrant sea air. During the day, you can twirl with the gentle breeze that comes in from the Aegean sea and swim in the blanket like calm waters of the Mediterranean. However you will not see a single strand of seaweed in the bottom of the sea which covered with sand and pebbles.

Directly behind our beach is the climbing wall, basketball courts, football pitches, Step performing areas, Beach Volleyball courts and water sports are available for those who desire to take part in a few of the activities as well as spending a typical sea and beach holiday.

There are many drinks stations situated along our beach of which the Patara Beach Bar is a wonderful location for you to enjoy a cool, refreshing drink or hot beverage whilst watching the magnificent sunset. In addition to this, there is also the only Paragliding landing strip and alongside the coast on the sea, the stunning wedding ceremony platform.

At the end section of our beach is the ‘Children’s Beach’ which is the only one of it’s kind in the world specifically designed for families with young children and babies.