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 Why are Fethiye Hotels so popular?

The Fethiye Hotels with it’s unique architecture, intimate management style and low bed capacity has become a favourite destination for both domestic and oversea’s tourists. It is in accordance with this structure that the Fethiye Hotels were affected minimally by the numerous crisis our nation experienced in 2016.

Due to the dynamic structure, the Fethiye Hotels were able to quickly recover from the crisis because of it’s ability to swiftly come up with solutions and with an open mind to evolve therefore the majority of the hotels were at a level to compete both locally and with hotels oversea’s. The Fethiye Hotels offers widely travelled visitors a wide variety of holiday options from Bed & Breakfast, Half Board, Full Board, All-Inclusive and Ultra All-inclusive concepts.

In addition to the extensive holiday choices, the Fethiye Hotels can also offer holidaymakers with budget options, meaning that it is possible to spend a holiday in a Fethiye Hotel on an affordable budget. Another advantage Fethiye Hotels is that holidaymakers are encouraged to take advantage of the many activities outside of the hotels.

Paragliding, Jeep Safari, Mud Baths, 12 Island Boat tour, Historical tours, Scuba Diving, Water Sports, Dalyan-Kanos tour, Walking along the Lycian Way, Horse riding and specialised boat tours are just some of the principal enticing activities that can be found outside of the Fethiye Hotels.

We strongly recommend guests staying at a Fethiye Hotel to most certainly try the Fethiye fish market one evening. The most unique aspect of this market is the fishermen who set out their stalls in the centre of the market from whom you can obtain fresh fish by the kilo to suit everyone's budget which in-turn is cooked to perfection at a reasonable charge by one of the restaurants dotted around the market. The fish markets popularity has increased significantly each year due to the local and overseas tourists staying at the Fethiye Hotels and have tried the fish market have talked about their experiences with everyone they have come into contact with. The local tradesmen are eternally grateful for the contributions made by the local and foreign tourists staying at a Fethiye Hotel.

In short, the doors of every Fethiye Hotel is always open to holidaymakers who apart from the conventional sun, sea and sand concept also want to enjoy a fun-packed holiday with lots of activities. Holidays can be enjoyed in Fethiye at a Fethiye Hotel. Additional information for holidaymakers who want to spend a holiday in a Fethiye Hotel. The guests arriving by plane to a Fethiye Hotel can choose Dalaman airport as the arrival point. The distance to Fethiye from Dalaman airport is 60 km. The transfer to Fethiye with the Tour operators transfer services takes around 50 minutes. Or, if you arrange a private transfer or hire a car, the duration is reduced to 30 minutes.
Fethiye Hotels Fethiye Hotels
Why are Fethiye Hotels so popular?
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