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Tranquil, calm and peaceful. Yoga enthusiasts, who have previous experience or starting out for the first time. All of our resident guests along with our professional instructors can begin their day by taking part in yoga activities on our specially designed yoga platform set within an idyllic an stunning pine forests and the calming sounds of the sea and birds.


Our courses have been devised for those who aim to improve spinal health and increasing body balance which will satisfy participants of all levels. Our Pilates trainers look forward to meeting you for lessons at the aerobics venue situated on the beach.


We will ensure you begin your day by targeting specific muscle groups, we will increase your muscles flexibility and functionality. For our sports enthusiasts guests, do not forget to try out this special class.

Body Work Out

Cardio, strength and endurance ... we have combined these lessons into one activity. At these lessons, our sports/fitness enthusiasts will begin their day by vigorously sweating, gaining strength and of course having plenty of fun as they using their body weight, dumb-bells and bars. Our friendly instructors/trainers look forward to meeting you at our Aerobics venue


Step-aerobic classes, has been one of the world's most popular group fitness activities for many years. Each day, our instructors/trainers have choreographed a different routine at our aerobics venue. Start your day vigorously and energetically by taking in the magnificent views of the ocean.

Flexi Bar

Feel the energy coming out as you stretch the Flexi bars. By participating in the Flexi bar group classes, which are proving to be very popular especially in Europe, you can work your muscles as you never felt before. Do not forget to try the flexi bars and take part in these interesting yet compulsive classes.


To feel your deep muscles develop İs the secret to this class. For our guests who want to move away from the stereotype group fitness classes, another class has been developed. You will not believe the effect this device will have on your body, which weighs only 600 grams. Our instructors will ensure you continuously work up a sweat again and share XCO’s secrets.



For our guests who share a passion for Latin music, Latin dances and Latin cultures, we teach them the basic steps, movements and holds whilst explaining the stories and reasons behind them. We invite our guests who enjoy or to those who want to learn how to dance the Tango, Salsa, cha cha Cha or rumba dances to come and join us.


Our oriental dance instructors welcome all ladies who are beginners to this particular dance, who believe they have what it takes to become an expert belly-dancer or those that just want to improve themselves


Zumba, one of the world’s most popular group dance courses, is fast becoming a fun activity at our resort complex. Our zumba instructors have arranged different choreography sessions for each day. Come and join us at the aerobics venue and see for your selves why these classes are so popular


Beach volleyball

We currently have within our resort complex two volleyball courts (8 by16 and 9 x 18 meters) as well as top of the range volleyball equipment for our guests enjoyment. Whether you are participating in a game or just watching an exciting match by the sidelines, our resident entertainments team stage matches twice a day. Come along and compete for the championship by participating in the tournament we stage one day a week.


We welcome Basketball enthusiasts to participate in our basketball activities at our courts which have the WBF regulation dimensions.


Football is the most enjoyable aspect of any holiday ... Our professional soccer coach is available every day, staging a host of football activities. Do not forget to get a drink from our beach bar after the game.


For experienced or inexperienced guests, mothers, fathers or children, this activity is for everyone. Our field archery range has 2 different distances and 6 targets as well as top quality equipment. Our expert, experienced trainers will guarantee you will hit the target. Beginners can take up a brand new hobby by joining our courses specially prepared for beginners.


One of the most popular martial art sports of the Far East is now available at the Liberty Hotels Lykia. Take time out and observe your children having lots of fun with the kids club team. The objective here is to help teach your children to make new friends through socialisation, not violence.


Let's see what colour your children's belts are. The only thing that left for you to do you as our experienced teachers teach your children basic karate movements is to capture these fun moments by taking plenty of photo’s. As you watch your children's, we guarantee that you will have as much fun as your children.


For our guests who come with their own tennis rackets, there are 19 tennis courts situated in the stunning pine forests.


Water gymnastics

Ideal workouts for guests who do not want to exert too much energy during their holiday yet still want to be in close proximity to the pool activities. You will enjoy plenty of fun as our instructors challenge you by using water resistance. We look forward to seeing you at the Main Pool.

Water Polo

Two teams, a ball and a pool which enjoys amazing views. Our entertainments team look forward to meeting up with you at our main pool twice a day for you to participate in this institutional, yet never dated activity

Pool games

Sometimes there will be team games, individual games, games with surf-boards, or games using inflatable objects. The entire entertainments team will stage a host of entertaining games ensuring you will not get bored. Whether you are participating in our games or watching the contests from the comfort of your sun lounger, the most entertaining moments of the day begins in the main pool.

Water Zumba

This is a completely different water gymnastics activity. By using the waters resistance to perform your movements, our instructors will teach you the unique water zumba choreography which is easy to learn and follow. The meeting point is the main pool.

Pool Olympics

Have your cameras at the ready and let the championship battle for both teams begin. At the end of the four different games, we will choose the team that will be the winner for the week. You can be sure to have plenty of fun with the entertainments team.


Pine Canoe
Wind surf (no charge for certificate holders)
Laser Catamaran (No charge for certificate holders)
Water Bird


Our fitness centre with its fully refurbished equipment awaits you. Our guests who want to enjoy an active holiday will appreciate our fitness centre with it’s excellent views and well acclimatised structure. Our instructors will be available to answer your questions and offer you further assistance. Do not forget to pack your sportswear and training shoes in your suitcase.



For most, football is the most enjoyable aspect of a holiday. Beyaz, our professional football coach looks forward to meeting you. The training, matches and tournament programs are organised according to age groups are prepared with care for football enthusiasts who do not want to neglect their passion for football whilst on holiday.

6 to 12 year age Groups
10:25 – 12:00 Training and matches (Every Day)
20:00 – 21: 3030 Matches (Every Day)

Fortnightly tournaments

Tournaments are held every two weeks on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays. Surprise gifts are presented to teams playing in the tournaments final. In addition to this, our guests attending the football academy are awarded medals and certificates before they depart from the hotel complex.

13 to 17 year age groups: 21:30-22:30 matches played on Mondays and Fridays.
16 years and above age groups: 17:30-18:00 matches played every day apart from Monday.



What would you say to enjoying your favourite drink at the main bar as you attempt to hit the bulls-eye or a perfect score of 180? This world-wide popular Pub game is made even more entertaining and enjoyable by our entertainments team. Come and join us in a game of darts and only the champion will wear the special winners medal.

Table Tennis

Another activity you can take part in with your family. There are two table tennis tables located in the centre of our resort complex for you and your children to enjoy.


Backgammon sets are available from the Guest relations desk. Our entertainments team stage weekly backgammon tournaments for our guests who are confident in their backgammon abilities.


Get your chess sets and start to think. The most challenging aspect will be to decide in which tranquil and enchanting corner of our resort complex you choose to sit at.

Card games

Board games


The famous Lycian Way has the unique distinction of being Turkey’s first marked, long distance footpath. Until 2015, the length of the footpath was 509 km and the road finished at Hisarcandır Village along with the newly added Çıtdibi and Geyikbayırı stages meant the road has now increased to 535 km. The footpath terminates at the locality of Geyikbayırı..

The Lycian Way is a 535 km marked footpath which stretches around the coast of Lycia in southern Turkey, from Fethiye to Antalya. The trail consists mainly of Roman roads, old footpaths and mule trails, often hard and stony underfoot, the footpath is not suitable for mountain bikes. Situated between the coast and mountains, it often has steep gradient. It was researched, designed and the Lycian way was marked out by Kate Clow, a British/Turkish amateur historian, in 1999. Turkey’s first long-distance walking route, it was created to identify and protect some of Turkey’s old roads.

It is possible to see many historical ancient sites and new settlement areas along the trekking route from Fethiye such as; Sdyma, Pyndai, Phellos, Apelia, Theimussa, Letoon, Xanthos, Patara, Antiphellos, Apollonia, Idyros, Simena, Myra, Limyra, Gagae, Olympos, Sura, Belos and Phaselis. The start point, at Oludeniz, is 2 hours from Dalaman airport and ends within close proximity to Antalya international airport. There is good public transport network all along the trail as well as opportunities to swim, canoe or para-glide.

Trekking can be best enjoyed in the spring or autumn – from February to May or between September and November – the extreme summer months in theLycian region is too hot for long walks. Except for 3 elevated sections, you can find accommodation in village houses, pensions or small hotels. Independent trekkers will find plenty of wild camping locations nearby with running water.