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Our guests are always having incredible fun on the seas with our experienced Liberty Hotels Lykia Water Sports team. You will have a great time on a variety of activities from Jet skiing to Fly-boarding, Rhino Boat Safari and James Bond Safari.

Fly Board

is a type of jet-pack/hover board which supplies propulsion to drive the Fly-board through water to perform a sport known as fly-boarding. After a few attempts, you can begin to fly like James Bond or the birds, and start diving around like dolphins.

Jet Ski

The Liberty Hotels Lykia offers you the Jet ski experience in the spacious circuit in front of the resort complex. Our experienced staff will show you how to use the jet skis in an easy and safe way.

James Bond Safari

A Jeep safari specially adapted for the sea with a 200 Horse Power engine, inflatable boat carrying a maximum of 10 people. The vessel is very fast with a speed of 50 nautical miles even when full to capacity. Countless places are visited which include Oludeniz-Butterfly Valley - St Nicholas Island, Gemiler Cove, Soğuksu Beach, waterfall flowing into the sea, Blue cave as well as numerous swimming breaks. This activity is ideal for those who enjoy speed, adrenaline as a lot of sites can be visited a in a shorter period of time. The first tour begins at 9.00, and goes at a slower pace for families with children. The sunset tour is shorter, but very special as the sun sets into the sea. There is a music system on board. The vessel is our own design. There is no example of this type of excursion anywhere else.

Rhino Boat Safari

inflatable boat adapted for the sea with ATV engines, a slow 9,9 Horse Power engine and has seating arrangements for 2 people similar to that of a jet ski and the guests themselves operate the vessel. It is a marine vessel with a steering wheel that anyone can use. Alongside the convoy of boats, there is a guide in another boat. There are a maximum of 4 boats that go out on tour and each tour has a capacity of 8 people. It is suitable for adults as well as young children and there are 2 routes, which route is decided upon the condition of the waves and winds. Butterfly Valley-Blue Cave, waterfall, Ölüdeniz or Ölüdeniz, St Nicholas Island, Gemiler Cove, Soğuksu, Karacaören bay are visited on the tour. Since our guests operate the vessels themselves and they are quite slow their children can also operate them hence they return back having enjoyed the experience. The vessel is our own design and there is no example of this type of excursion anywhere else.

Kids in Action

Children of certain age groups come together and as a group take a ride in our powerboat. On the one hand they are parasailing, in tandem or tridem, however, they do not elevate to a great height. They board along with our captain, either a 2 seated jet ski, ride a banana, have a go on a Ringo for 4 people and the duration takes around 1,5 to 2 hours. The a maximum number of children we take is: 30. It is a service we have organised and put together. There is no example of this type of excursion anywhere else.

Power boat

15 Horse Power, a 10-meter polyester boat, with a music system, a super-fast boat with a canopy for protection against the sun and can take up to a maximum of 10 people.

Beach Transfers

Blue Lagoon (Kumburnu) boat transfer
Departing & return times
9:15 -12:00

Activities you can do

Pedelos, Feeding fish , Seeing the ducks, Meeting Caretta Lilly, Snorkelling


River canoeing, Banana and Parasailing, SUP.


There are 19 tennis courts constructed within a stunning, scenic, pine forest.

Our guests can use the tennis courts free of charge. All courts are covered with a quartz sand artificial grass surface, 5 of the courts are floodlit. There are special courses available at our Tennis Academy for beginners and advanced players. Special lessons, equipment and floodlit court is a payable activity.

The world famous Sunball tennis academy offers a wide range of professional services.

There are classes available for beginners to seasoned tournament players, individuals or groups.
Lessons and tennis camps for children and young people
Singles, couples and children's tournaments
Weekly group trial classes
Video impact analysis
Wilson brand tennis rackets are available for hire
Recreation service
Sale of Wilson brand equipment

Sunball has a worldwide service network in 10 different countries (Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Dubai, Germany, Egypt and Croatia). All Sunball tennis instructors are players of a high standard and they possess international training certificates.


Those who cannot swim will not stay a non swimmer

Children over the age of 3 will be taught to swim at the Kid’s Paradise pools by our professional swimming instructors. .

We will arrange style classes for those who can swim.


The 3 hole golf course club is another sporting option we offer which everyone can benefit from.

Courses are available at the Liberty Hotels Lykia Golf Academy for beginners and mid-range players. All guests from 13 years and above can benefit from the entry lessons (payable) inclusive of golf clubs etc and instructor.


LibeThe Liberty Hotels Lykia 16 hole mini-golf course is a central attraction for all guests aged 3 and above. This is a payable activity (fee includes clubs etc) located in a delightful area opposite the Kid’s Paradise Park.


Discover the wonders beneath the magnificent Turquoise waters around Ölüdeniz.

Our dive centre Academy is the only active member of the PADI and Underwater sports Federation of Turkey and has been offering scuba diving in the Ölüdeniz tourism region since 1991.

Come and dive with us.

When it come to the subject of diving and teaching, our passion will add further enjoyment, safety and quality to your overall holiday experience.

At our dive centre, we have put together special dive packages for experienced divers along with unique dive packages for beginners.

Concessions we offer to beginners to scuba diving: each beginner will be assigned with their own dive instructor. As there are no time restrictions, our aim is for you fall in love with the sport of scuba diving so that you can share your experiences with your friends and oved ones.

We have 1, 2 and 3 day international PADI courses available for guests who decide to take further educational courses. Again, you can plan your time how you want or you can join our courses with your own one on one PADI instructor.

If you wish, before you arrive, you can save quality holiday time by completing the further educational courses on the theory section either from a digital format or on-line. All you need to do is just click on to the link below;

For our experienced divers, we can offer our guests around 20 dive locations which are as impressive as each another. By clicking onto the link below you will be able to see the Ölüdeniz diving locations from the map.

Our Scuba Diving centre begins at 09.00 offering information and assistance until 19.00. We also arrange night dives for experienced divers.

Climbing Wall

Our trainers look forward to meeting all guests who are aged 6 years and over to try this enjoyable, adrenaline packed recreational activity. The climbing wall is located on our resort complexes beach. Available every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. No reservation is required for this activity and you can enjoy time with your family on the climbing wall with it’s 5 stages of varying degree of difficulty.

Arts & Crafts Work Shop

Our guests can take advantage of the many activities such as hand craft and artistic activities at our VaDesign arts work shop..

The activities are;

Oil painting classes.
Silk painting 
Painting T-shirts and bags. You can begin by choosing the outline of a picture or design and applying it onto a T-shirt/bag using serigraphy or screen printing method..
Pottery classes 
Painting onto ceramics and wood 
You can write you name and the name of your partner on the padlock and hang it on our ‘Bridge of Love’.
Making models 
You can make a mould of your children’s or family members hands. .
The Ottoman Art of marbling onto silk. 
Drawing a 3 Dimensional Picture using a 3 D pen. 
Making virtual reality glasses out of cardboard. .
Drawing a Picture with virtual reality glasses. 
Sand Painting. 
Drawing Portraits 
Excavation and archaeological discovery games. 
There are many more arts/crafts activities both you and your children can do at our workshop which you can take back home with you. .