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When you mention Para-gliding, the first place that comes to mind is the the pearl of the universe that widely known as Ölüdeniz. The most suitable location where you can experience the feeling of being as free as a bird is the Babadağ mountains (1979 m 6550 ft). This natural wonder is a piece of paradise just 3 km away from the take off point on the mountains summit. The Liberty Hotels Lykia has over 20 years of Para-gliding experience and our professional team has successfully completed 100.000 flights.

The day begins as we depart from the Liberty Hotels Lykia with the Escape Paragliding organisation driving through the old cedar trees, and after a 40 minutes in to the journey, we reach the launch site where we proceed to prepare our guests by talking them through the necessary safety information before they take off.

After taking 6-7 running steps, this enables the parachute to become aerated, and as your feet leave the ground, the magic begins to happen.

During the flight you will enjoy a breathtaking birds eye view of the spellbinding beauty and charm of the world famous Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz, Kumburnu, Fethiye, Butterfly Valley, Rhodes, Patara Beach, Gemiler Cove and the 12 islands. After witnessing the stunning views, we make our descend down on to the Liberty Hotels Lykia's very own landing runway which is the only one of it’s kind in the world.


Fethiye harbour is situated 25 km away from the hotel. You can get there if you have your own transportation, by hiring a car from a reputable rent-a-car company, or you can purchase an organised tour from your Tour operators. From the Port of Fethiye you can choose from any one of the vast number of sightseeing trips and experience a full day excursion which combines the sun, sea and scenic natural beauty.

The 12 Islands Boat Tour features as one of Fethiye’s most popular day tours along one of the Mediterranean seas most beautiful coastline. You can imagine yourself living in past, Mediterranean adventures and discover the stunning bays and islands where the sailors and pirates hid from the knights templar. You can swim in the crystal-clear, transparent waters, take exploratory walks on various islands, and drift into sleep whilst sunbathing to one of mother nature's charming songs.

Included within the 12 Islands boat tour are a number of swimming breaks to some of Fethiye's beautiful islands and bays most notably; the world famous Yassıca Islands, Red Island and Tersane Island.

You can enjoy the captavating, enchanting natural beauty, the vibrant colours of the sea that surrounds each island. Swimming breaks for each of the islands consist of approximately one hour.

Where else in the world would you be able to witness Kizilada’s magnificent sunset as it turns the sand and pebbles into a spectacular reddish colour. Take a historical journey through time at Tersane Island perhaps the largest of the islands in the gulf wondering around the remains of the old Greek settlement vacated during the population exchange. When you swim in the crystal clear waters, you cannot determine whether the sea is blue, green, turquoise or navy blue in colour, other than the incredible, undoubted beauty you will experience on the Fethiye 12 Islands Tour beckons you.


When you book the full day Dalyan Tour with your Tour operator which includes transfers and other services provided by your Tour operator, you will encounter a combination of nature, history, sea and river. For the independent traveller, If you have your own car, Dalyan is approx 80 km away from the hotel.

Dalyan has managed to this very day sustain it’s 2500 year history by preserving it’s natural footprint and fabric as It continues to welcome and bring together nature enthusiasts.

During the journey to Dalyan, you will encounter breathtaking scenery passing through Sülüngür lake along with forests filled with pine and rose trees. The first stop comes a little while after boarding the boat as you pass through the point where Dalyan and Köyceğiz lakes merge. immediately by the shore is the Sultaniye Mud baths to embrace the muds healing qualities.

Since the Lycian era, for thousands of years the Sultaniye Spa/Mud Bath is the regions oldest and most widely used mud bath. If you ignore the distinctive pungent sulphur odour, you can benefit from the healing properties of hot water pools. When you enter these pools you will feel as though you are born again, your skin will feel younger, smoother, more relaxed and healthier due to the toxins extracted from your body. The view of Kaya Tombs from the ancient trading city Kaunos, the waterways will captivate as you travel down to İztuzu Beach. As we pass through this route to get to Iztuzu beach, history merges with nature. If you are fortunate enough, you may come across the world's 2nd largest hard shell turtle, the Carettacaretta turtle, in its natural habitat. Although there is not enough scientific evidence, it is estimated that the Carettacaretta turtles may have existed in the region for the past 40 million years. keep your cameras at the ready, because you never know when you will get a chance to take a picture of this magnificent creature!

Quote from a navigator;

Quote from a traveller; "As we were in the area, we decided to go to Kaunos. We had previously researched Kaunos on the Internet, and what really influenced us and caught our imagination was that according to one legend, it is based on the love story between Kaunos and his twin sister, Bybilis''.

Kaunos Koycegiz lake is located on the banks of the Dalyan river, connecting the lake to the

With just a small feee, we came here via a very enjoyable journey with the aid of an elderly mans dingy. From the moment we reached the shore, we travelled to Kaunos on this wonderful road paved with cobblestone and orange and lined with pomegranate trees on either side. We were mesmerised by the wonderful climate, the natural surroundings and the fragrant fruit and citrus trees.

We met an elderly lady who presented us with a basket of tangerines which was a truly wonderful gesture.

The site where Kaunos was founded rather resembles a 'landscape oil painting'. Dominated by the hill, it really can be an area of settlement. Especially when you are confronted with the ancient theatre which we can say is extremely well preserved to this very day.

There are no actual city plans as such, as there are only some ruins with historical explanations. There are partial sculptures of Gods. Those who wish, can continue along the road and visit the royal graveyard.

The Gözleme (Turkish pancakes) being cooked in the surrounding village houses are very delicious. In addition to this, there are places which offer a traditional village breakfast. In these houses, you can find delicious home-made and locally grown produce, such as olives and pomegranate jam.

Entrance fee is free to those who have a museum card.

If you are nature and history enthusiast, we most certainly recommend you visit this wonderful location to witness all these beautifully stunning and wonderful sights.


We have put together a half day boat tour for our guests who want to enjoy a boat tour without having to leave the surroundings of the Liberty Hotels Lykia for the whole day and for those who do not want to travel down to Fethiye Marina. The boat tour sets off from the children’s beach bay and returns back to the same location.

To discover the unique natural beauty along the coastline of Ölüdeniz, all you need to do is to simply come on board and join us on the Ölüdeniz boat tour. A great day out on the seas is in store for you and your family on our comfortable boat which has been specially prepared and equipped to meet your every needs.

The Ölüdeniz boat tour is suitable for all age groups and tastes, with a number of activities which makes it a candidate for the 'most memorable tour' you will enjoy during your holiday There are 2 routes to choose from on the Ölüdeniz Boat Tour.

Those who prefer to choose Route 1: can visit the world famous Butterfly Valley by first visiting the Blue Cave with it's resplendent, transparent waters. After a brief swimming break, the natural wonder that is Butterfly Valley awaits you with its spectacular coastline, ice-cool waterfall and butterfly cocoons (If you are lucky) which is how it gets the name, Butterfly valley. If you want you can take a walk in the waterfall or just sunbathe on the beach.

Those who prefer Route 2: Besides the Christian historical ruins, you will also have the opportunity to explore St Nicholas Island. You will experience and discover so much more on this tour as you can also swim in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean at a number of different locations on the island such as; cold water cove, Camels beach and the Aquarium cove.

Just one of the many attractive features of this tour is the delicious grilled meal served to you on the boat.


There is no need for you to leave the complex if you want to scuba dive, take some lessons, or if want to take a PADI course. The Liberty Hotels Lykia dive centre located within the complex are ready to make all of your dive dreams a reality. Discover the wonders beneath the magnificent Turquoise waters around Ölüdeniz.

Lykia World Dalış Merkezi

Our dive centre Academy is the only active member of the PADI and Underwater sports Federation of Turkey and has been offering scuba diving in the Ölüdeniz tourism region since 1991.

Our Scuba Diving centre begins at 09.00 offering information and assistance until 19.00. We also arrange night dives for experienced divers.

Come and dive with us.…

When it come to the subject of diving and teaching, our passion will add further enjoyment, safety and quality to your overall holiday experience.

At our dive centre, we have put together special dive packages for experienced divers along with unique dive packages for beginners.
Dalış merkezimizde özel paket dalış turları ve eğitimleri gerçekleştiriyoruz.

İlk Tecrübe;

Concessions we offer to beginners to scuba diving: each beginner will be assigned with their own dive instructor. As there are no time restrictions, our aim is for you fall in love with the sport of scuba diving so that you can share your experiences with your friends and oved ones. We have 1, 2 and 3 day international PADI courses available for guests who decide to take further educational courses. Again, you can plan your time how you want or you can join our courses with your own one on one PADI instructor.

Beginner and Advanced Trainings;

If you wish, before you arrive, you can save quality holiday time by completing the further educational courses on the theory section either from a digital format or on-line. All you need to do is just click on to the link below;

For our experienced divers, we can offer our guests around 20 dive locations which are as impressive as each another. By clicking onto the link below you will be able to see the Ölüdeniz diving locations from the map.




HISTORICAL VOYAGE (Kayaköy – Tlos – Cadianda – Sidyma)





Situated 50 km from the Liberty Hotels Lykia and the Sentido Lykia Resort & Spa is the ancient, historical site of Tlos as well as areas of scenic beauty such as Saklıkent and Yakapark. These off the beaten track landmarks would interest nature enthusiasts and those who seek excitement.

We recommend you visit these well known landmarks either on a day tour which you can book through your Tour Operator who also provide knowledgeable, professional guides, or for those who are more independent, by hiring a car.

The ancient city of Tlos

The ancient city of Tlos is located within the boundaries of Seydikemer's Yaka neighbourhood district. Tlos has been added to the Unesco World Heritage List and geographically, is one of the oldest settlements known as the Lycian Region. The acropolis at the entrance to the ancient city of Dlawa according to the 14th century BC Hittite documents and Tlawa in the Lycian inscriptions, impacts greatly on those who witness the dominating, stunning, scenic views into the distance.

The surrounding area which is approximately 500 meters high with its steep slopes naturally protects the acropolis peak and the walls have been further strengthened and fortified with historical relics. As you climb up the slope to Tlos castle, the intricate carvings on the temples rock tombs attracts attention. The most spectacular of these tombs is the monument of Bellerephontes depicting the battle of the winged horse Pegasus with the three-headed monster Chimera. There is a stadium with several rows of seating, baths, theatre and church remains on the outskirts of the village. Tlos is also known as the sports city of Lycia.

In the course of history, Tlos is regarded to be a shining star archaeologically, culturally and from a religious and economical perspective. It carries traces of settlements continuing from the Neolithic period to the Iron Age. Tlos is even mentioned in the written transcripts of the Hittites (Anal, Annually) as the other country. In Christian history, Tlos, is regarded as one of Lycia’s most important centres for Bishops. This religious preoccupation continued until the 12th century. It also carries traces of the Ottoman Period. In the 18th century, Tlos was the intersection of the regions trade routes.

Saklıkent Canyon

is a canyon formed by the Eşen stream, a branch of the Karaçay river which marks the border between the states of Antalya and Muğla. The canyons length is 18 km and 200 metres high which has created a steep and deep canyon in an area of limestone which has been effortlessly worn down by the water with the help of fault cracks. The narrowest point of the canyon falls to around 2 meters.

It is virtually impossible to pass through the water when the base of the canyon floor is filled with fast flowing water. At the entrance, iron rods are attached to the step slopes which holds the 200 meter wooden bridge in place. Beyond the bridge it is quite cold where a harsher terrain souce can be found .

Tlos Yakapark

You will immediately notice the conformity and coherence that surrounds Yakapark's monumental trees, tiered terraces, fountains, water channels, hammocks, covered wooden divans, stone tables and wooden pavilions. Yaka Park is situated 1 km above Yaka Village.

A cool, natural water paradise in harmony with nature and at an elevated height of 650 meters, Tlos Yakapark is away from the extreme heat temperatures of the lowlands. Rich, fertile waterfalls are formed from the overflowing waters of the centuries-old sycamore trees grooves bearing water to the mills

Tlos Ancient City Tour from the pen of a Navigator

Our journey begins as we set offin the morning from our hotel after having boarding a fun-looking, open topped minibus with zebra markings, The ancient city of Tlos is the first stop of our journey having witnessed magnificent views of scenic, natural beauty.

The rock tombs and theatre are still in relatively good condition. After a journey of around 30 minutes where we had a fun time during the journey having water fights, we came to the Yakapark nature park, where ice cold, snow water appears from beneath every rock. You have to continue walking and not stop because the water was extremely cold. In fact, they gave a free drink to anyone who stays in the pool for longer than 5-minutes and those who withstood 15 minutes were given a free meal as well as free drinks. We then went to one of the wooden pavilions and listened to the sound of the running streams as we observed the fish swimming in the channels in between the wooden pavilions. We had so much fun, seeing how long other people were able to withstand the icy cold waters. For lunch, we stopped at a very good restaurant on the way to Saklıkent. After our delicious lunch, we continued on our way to Saklıkent having recharged our batteries.

Anyone who visits the Fethiye region has to see the Canyon at Saklikent. At the entrance of the Canyon, You have the opportunity to hire or buy plastic sandals which will enable you to walk more comfortably. You should definitely purchase or rent plastic shoes. The entrance to the canyon is via the suspended wooden bridge. There is an enchanting ambiance as you first enter the Canyon. After the suspension bridge, due to the powerful flowing water, It is necessary to get across to the opposite side in order to advance further into the canyon. We crossed over to the other side with the aid of a rope stretched across the bridge, and from this point, our journey into the canyon had started. The Canyon extends as far as Kaputaş beach. After sightseeing in the canyon for about 1 hour, we returned back to the entrance of Saklikent National Park to do some Rafting. It is an ideal place if you are Rafting for the first time as the current is not very strong. Our guides were waiting for us in a boat at the end of our enjoyable Rafting adventure, which took about half an hour.

After everyone completed the Rafting course, we went to visit the mud baths. After singing and dancing in the mud, the time came to dive into the mud pool. After the fun of the mud fights, the person who finds themselves covered with the most mud is given the title of mud 'King’ or ‘Queen'. After the mud-baths, we jumped into the freezing cold water, had a wash and it was time to return back. For every minute that passed, we had a lot of fun throughout the entire excursion. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.


BAYS OF FETHIYE TOUR (Kabak Koyu, Kelebekler Vadisi, Cennet Koyu, Yassıca Adaları)