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Single Hotel with Paragliding Center in the World

Paragliding at Liberty Hotels Lykia

According to some, a holiday is a means of relaxation and for others it is a means to seek an adrenaline rush, excitement and a sense of discovery. After a stressful year in the workplace, some would prefer to spend their holiday by either relaxing on the beach, in the pool swimming or sunbathing. Whereas others have a preference to discover different places and may choose to immortalise their holiday with action-packed adventure tours. At Liberty Hotels Lykia, we invite you to make your holiday more exciting and memorable by trying the popular adventure sport of paragliding.


We have embarked on this journey with our experienced team from Escape adventures who, over the years, have given so much pleasure to many of our guests. After having reached the peak approaching an altitude of 2000 m, and we have been briefed with the necessary flight safety checks/instructions from our pilots, we attach our helmets and make our way to the head of the runway. As soon as the pilot has given the signal, we begin running down the ramp and after a few steps, our feet leave the ground and we are airborne. .

The combative winds finally give way to a sense of peace and solitude. After a few minutes, our pilot makes you feel as free as the birds in the skies around you... Looking down from such a height marvelling at the gorgeous paradise of Ölüdeniz and Liberty Hotels Lykia is rather like a fantasy come true.
These are the moments which are both timeless and priceless. With the assistance of our pilots as they will begin to take video footage and photos for you.
After the flight has been completed, you can re-live the incredible experience and share these amazing moments with your loved ones With the help of the wind as you drift down turning from left to right, all the stress and fatigue you have accumulated over the year will completely disappear from your entire body.


Get ready to land directly onto our hotels own landing strip as on average, the flight takes around 30 to 40 minutes. As you land, you can wave to your friends or loved ones who are waiting below as you observe the Liberty Hotels Lykia from a birds eye view.

We look forward to you experiencing the adventure, exhilarating excitement and fun of paragliding at the Liberty Hotels Lykia.